Guide for Buying Waterproof Golf Shoes

If you want to purchase a high-quality waterproof golf shoe, you need to go to the market with a preformed mind of the kind of the shoe that you are looking for. The nature of the shoe that you purchase should be durable, comfortable, well designed and with waterproof characteristics. As much as you would want to dispute, you will still find yourself playing in a few rainy days by the end of the year. However, you need to know what to look for in the shoe you will be purchasing.

Stability and Traction

When golfing, you might find yourself sliding anyhow if you do not have a good shoe. When you decide to purchase a waterproof golf shoe, the spike system and the cleat details should be the first things to consider. These reflect on the nature of the sole of the shoe. If it does not offer the desired type of sole, then you should not carry it.  It is very relevant to maintain balance when hitting the ball from different slopes and lines. This can only be assured if you are wearing a type of shoe that offers you enough stability and traction. The way the shoe sole grips the ground determines the nature of balance you will get. A good waterproof shoe is the one that offers more grip hence more balance.

The reason as to why you should be aware of the kind of shoes that you are going to buy is because different manufacturers design their shoes in different ways. In order to add grip and stability, some manufacturers have decided to add some spikes towards the shoe exterior. Other manufacturers have chosen to avoid replaceable cleats completely and build a different and unique traction system.

Moreover, your foot’s position needs mould in different parts of golf swing and slopes. This requires the shoe you are wearing to be flexible enough to offer these services. The nature of the shoe you purchase should be able to flex and whilst bend in order to offer enough support for every swing that you make. The kind of shoe that makes you feel like it has the sole is made up of concrete is not the best for golf.


It is obvious that if the shoe that you wear does not fit you well, you will be uncomfortable from the time you try the shoe. This, however, is not the kind of a shoe that you should use for golfing. If you encounter such kind of a shoe, just avoid it and move to the nest option. In a day, you will be required to walk for about six miles which in return makes your feet tired and uncomfortable. If you are wearing a shoe that does not fit you well, this feeling of discomfort will be aggravated and your time in the field will be rough.

If you prefer a certain brand of shoes that you are certain that it fits you perfectly, you should consider sticking to the brand. You can choose a different style within the same brand which makes it easier to avoid the shoe types that you have doubts about. If you go for a different brand, make sure that you try them first at your local store and use the affiliate that you can buy from especially the one with the best prices.

Build Quality

Inspecting all the shoe elements like the sole, laces lightweight and leather is very essential before buying a shoe. Consider the shoe that is lightweight because those carrying a lot of weight will make you tired leading to loss of concentration and poor finishing. Consider that you will be walking for over 6 miles which does not require you to be wearing heavy shoes.

Many Value

Ensure that you avoid the kind of waterproof golf shoes that tend to crack easily or the sole becomes lose after a short period of use. Due to the numerous activities involved in golfing, you will realize that golfing shoes are a little more expensive. An expensive shoe means a better quality that can last for even 2 years.


Once you make up your mind on the nature of the waterproof golf shoe that you want, you need to be equipped with a few tips on how you will be able to get one. Go for a little expensive shoe whose quality is worth your money. Also inspect the shoe’s build quality, stability and traction and its fit. Make sure that it fits you well and its build structure is exceptionally great. Remember you need a shoe that makes you comfortable and offers enough traction for the best results.

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