Cote-Armour Winter 12/13: Dirt, Mud, & Honey

When we were creating our second lookbook, we decided to think about who we were really designing for: in our minds, our perfect gnarly kids are the ones who embody a certain kind of fearlessness. It’s the fearlessness that makes you able to just throw on a sweatshirt and still look like the one that everyone else wants to be. It’s a fearlessness that’s about taking things into your own hands – whether it’s making your own clothes or making the choice to be the very greatest you can be. Our fearlessness is street smart, it’s a last minute trip to who-knows-where with your best pals, it’s picking up an instrument and making your own music instead of downloading top 40 tracks. It’s making the world around you instead of just living in it.

With this notion of ideal do-it-yourself-ers in the back of our brains, we could only think of one movement that embodied the same sort of fearlessness that we were trying to communicate with this collection: Grunge – a movement that pulled from the punk DIY ethic of fighting consumerism and authority, from the kids who wouldn’t sign with major record labels and decided to turn their basements into the hottest places to be, from the boys and girls who wanted to make a new sound for a new generation. We wanted to make things inspired by the greatest artists and bands of that time – from Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore to Mudhoney – in order to to create the same distortions of sound and contrast of angst and beauty found in their music and somehow infuse our collection with just that. What we came up with was the juxtaposition of pyramid studs on the coziness of sweatshirts and the layering of plaid flannels under exquisitely-embellished leather jackets. We made beanies printed with our street art-inspired logo and paired almost everything with our favorite studded collars. We wanted to take Grunge, that movement from another coast, to our favorite city in the world and give it a 2012 treatment.

This is Cote-Armour Winter 12/13: we are handmade and we are one-of-a-kind. We are our own sound and we are our own generation.
Stay gnarly,
I&S xx

A huge thank you to Chris Pecaro for helping us out with all the screen printing and to Allyssa Yohana for helping with embroidery and assisting on the shoot.

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