Guide for Buying Waterproof Golf Shoes

If you want to purchase a high-quality waterproof golf shoe, you need to go to the market with a preformed mind of the kind of the shoe that you are looking for. The nature of the shoe that you purchase should be durable, comfortable, well designed and with waterproof characteristics. As much as you would want to dispute, you will still find yourself playing in a few rainy days by the end of the year. However, you need to know what to look for in the shoe you will be purchasing.

Stability and Traction

When golfing, you might find yourself sliding anyhow if you do not have a good shoe. When you decide to purchase a waterproof golf shoe, the spike system and the cleat details should be the first things to consider. These reflect on the nature of the sole of the shoe. If it does not offer the desired type of sole, then you should not carry it.  It is very relevant to maintain balance when hitting the ball from different slopes and lines. This can only be assured if you are wearing a type of shoe that offers you enough stability and traction. The way the shoe sole grips the ground determines the nature of balance you will get. A good waterproof shoe is the one that offers more grip hence more balance.

The reason as to why you should be aware of the kind of shoes that you are going to buy is because different manufacturers design their shoes in different ways. In order to add grip and stability, some manufacturers have decided to add some spikes towards the shoe exterior. Other manufacturers have chosen to avoid replaceable cleats completely and build a different and unique traction system.

Moreover, your foot’s position needs mould in different parts of golf swing and slopes. This requires the shoe you are wearing to be flexible enough to offer these services. The nature of the shoe you purchase should be able to flex and whilst bend in order to offer enough support for every swing that you make. The kind of shoe that makes you feel like it has the sole is made up of concrete is not the best for golf.


It is obvious that if the shoe that you wear does not fit you well, you will be uncomfortable from the time you try the shoe. This, however, is not the kind of a shoe that you should use for golfing. If you encounter such kind of a shoe, just avoid it and move to the nest option. In a day, you will be required to walk for about six miles which in return makes your feet tired and uncomfortable. If you are wearing a shoe that does not fit you well, this feeling of discomfort will be aggravated and your time in the field will be rough.

If you prefer a certain brand of shoes that you are certain that it fits you perfectly, you should consider sticking to the brand. You can choose a different style within the same brand which makes it easier to avoid the shoe types that you have doubts about. If you go for a different brand, make sure that you try them first at your local store and use the affiliate that you can buy from especially the one with the best prices.

Build Quality

Inspecting all the shoe elements like the sole, laces lightweight and leather is very essential before buying a shoe. Consider the shoe that is lightweight because those carrying a lot of weight will make you tired leading to loss of concentration and poor finishing. Consider that you will be walking for over 6 miles which does not require you to be wearing heavy shoes.

Many Value

Ensure that you avoid the kind of waterproof golf shoes that tend to crack easily or the sole becomes lose after a short period of use. Due to the numerous activities involved in golfing, you will realize that golfing shoes are a little more expensive. An expensive shoe means a better quality that can last for even 2 years.


Once you make up your mind on the nature of the waterproof golf shoe that you want, you need to be equipped with a few tips on how you will be able to get one. Go for a little expensive shoe whose quality is worth your money. Also inspect the shoe’s build quality, stability and traction and its fit. Make sure that it fits you well and its build structure is exceptionally great. Remember you need a shoe that makes you comfortable and offers enough traction for the best results.

What Makes Waterproof Golf Shoes Better than Casual Shoes?

Golfing is one of the best kind of games that you can engage in. however, it becomes more fun if you are wearing the kind of shoes that help you make perfect shots. If you have a shoe that makes you slide on grass or even on wet surfaces then they are one of the limiting factors to your success. You need to get a pair of waterproof golf shoes that will help you in your endeavour. However, what makes waterproof golf shoes better than casual shoes?

golf shoes

Fine Tune Foam

All shoes are not made using the same material. Waterproof golf shoes are far more exceptional than the casual shoes due to the fine tune foam that makes them. This material gives them the desired shape that over time that makes your feet comfortable. With other casual shoes, you can never find such a material which makes the shoes to lose shape with time. With fine-tune foam, you do not have to worry about overusing your shoe or the ground on which you will use your shoe. To add on that, the shoe is fitted with a waterproof membrane that provides an added advantage. These to materials help your waterproof golf shoes to be far more comfortable than you can ever anticipate. They help you be comfortable in the long-standing hours as you are playing or waiting for your turn. Moreover, you might find yourself entangled in rainy weather when you are golfing. With a waterproof shoe made up of fine tune foam, you will have the highest advantage of stability and comfort as you stand on the wet surface than when you are wearing the casual kind of waterproof shoe.

High-Quality Leather Finish

To ensure protection to your feet when you are golfing, a waterproof golf shoe that is made of a leather finish is the best. This kind of material is lightweight and durable compared to the material making up the casual shoes. In this sense, you will be possessing a shoe that does not tire your feet regardless of the long standing hours as you play or even watch the game. Moreover, you will be able to use this shoe for a long period of time before you can even think of buying another one due to its durability.

Quality Outsole

One of the things that you should be looking for as you purchase a golfing shoe is the traction that it offers. The maximum traction that you need might not be provided by the casual golfing shoe. What you need is a waterproof golf shoe that provides you with enough traction that you need to manoeuvre over slippery and wet surfaces. A high rubber outsole that mostly makes up these shoes is one of the best in the market. It ensures enough versatility and at the same time plenty of traction that allows less slipping on the wet grass and slippery surfaces. If you are wearing a casual shoe, it is very possible to slip on the grass alone even if it is not wet. If this happens, you might miss a shot that results in poor performance. To get the best out of your efforts, look for a waterproof shoe with a quality outsole.

Lining Material

Waterproof golf shoe has a lining material that helps to reduce moisture, heat and friction hence providing a shoe climate that is optimal. This sort of lining does not exist in the casual shoes which makes the waterproof golf shoes better than the casual ones. If you have ever been to a competition wearing a casual shoe, you know the nature of heat and sweating that is in the feet. This leads to accumulation of sweat in the shoes which leads to bad odour and discomfort. With continuous use, you end up getting blisters which are very painful. The lining inside the waterproof golf shoes makes sure that you do not experience all these problems.


Waterproof golf shoes are also better than the casual shoes because they are breathable and have a bridge between the back and the front for feet movement and at the same time allowing the shoes to remain on the ground. With the fine tune foam, high-quality leather finish, quality outsole and a lining material that reduces moisture, heat and friction in the shoe, a waterproof golf shoe is better than the casual shoe. If you want to reap the fruits of your hard work without limitations, you should get a pair of waterproof golf shoe for the best results. See more reviews and buying guide the best waterproof golf shoes at


Artist Spotlight: Olivia Bee and Cooper Campbell

“An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way. An artist says a hard thing in a simple way.”
Charles Bukowski

When Izzy and I founded Cote-Armour, making clothing and accessories was only a part of what we wanted to do. We were interested in making a place for our artist friends – for the painters, writers, photographers, and musicians – to showcase their work. We wanted to create a place where people could go to discover something new and something that inspires them. So when Olivia Bee, one of my favorite photographers, and her boyfriend Cooper Campbell came to stay with me for a few days during their trip to New York, I knew I wanted them to be a part of the artist collective that Izzy and I are establishing. Olivia’s work has always been a big inspiration to me – her photographs transmit such honesty and frankness that I strive for in my own photography. I discovered Cooper’s sketches earlier this year, and when he came to visit, he brought along copies of his most recent comic, Rocky Point 97MPH. I just couldn’t get enough of his style – his ability to communicate something even more than language with his weapon of choice, a ballpoint pen. What I love about these two is their ability to convey the joy and the wrath inherently tied to the process of growing up. They don’t just create pretty pictures or drawings; their work pulls at some image hidden within you – it makes an unnamable thing in the back of your brain just sort of click. But, the best part of the time I spent with them was being able to learn that these two are bred from the best sort of stock: they’re some of the kindest and most hilarious people I’ve ever met – the sort of people who can make any moment one of the dearest memories, whether it’s running around Chelsea or talking back at my place until 3 am.

Olivia is modeling our Astalot Headpiece and Cooper dons the Carr Studded Baseball Hat in red. Both the products are up for sale on our Etsy and similar pieces will join them in the coming weeks.

Stay gnarly,
I&S xx

Photos and styling by Shriya Samavai. All items of clothing are the models’ own.

Cote-Armour Winter 12/13: Dirt, Mud, & Honey

When we were creating our second lookbook, we decided to think about who we were really designing for: in our minds, our perfect gnarly kids are the ones who embody a certain kind of fearlessness. It’s the fearlessness that makes you able to just throw on a sweatshirt and still look like the one that everyone else wants to be. It’s a fearlessness that’s about taking things into your own hands – whether it’s making your own clothes or making the choice to be the very greatest you can be. Our fearlessness is street smart, it’s a last minute trip to who-knows-where with your best pals, it’s picking up an instrument and making your own music instead of downloading top 40 tracks. It’s making the world around you instead of just living in it.

With this notion of ideal do-it-yourself-ers in the back of our brains, we could only think of one movement that embodied the same sort of fearlessness that we were trying to communicate with this collection: Grunge – a movement that pulled from the punk DIY ethic of fighting consumerism and authority, from the kids who wouldn’t sign with major record labels and decided to turn their basements into the hottest places to be, from the boys and girls who wanted to make a new sound for a new generation. We wanted to make things inspired by the greatest artists and bands of that time – from Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore to Mudhoney – in order to to create the same distortions of sound and contrast of angst and beauty found in their music and somehow infuse our collection with just that. What we came up with was the juxtaposition of pyramid studs on the coziness of sweatshirts and the layering of plaid flannels under exquisitely-embellished leather jackets. We made beanies printed with our street art-inspired logo and paired almost everything with our favorite studded collars. We wanted to take Grunge, that movement from another coast, to our favorite city in the world and give it a 2012 treatment.

This is Cote-Armour Winter 12/13: we are handmade and we are one-of-a-kind. We are our own sound and we are our own generation.
Stay gnarly,
I&S xx

A huge thank you to Chris Pecaro for helping us out with all the screen printing and to Allyssa Yohana for helping with embroidery and assisting on the shoot.

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Cote-Armour Feature in March ’13 Issue of Teen Vogue

We are so excited and thankful to announce that we were invited by Teen Vogue last fall to custom-make ‘Team Coco’ t-shirts and sweatshirts in support of supermodel Coco Rocha’s new TV show, The Face! Coco has been a huge inspiration to the both of us for many years, so being commissioned to make something especially for her by Teen Vogue was surreal. And the best part? Coco and everyone at Teen Vogue are some of the gnarliest guys and girls we’ve been lucky enough to meet and work with! We’ve included scans of the feature below, but if you are interested in owning a copy yourself, you’ll find it all in the March ’13 issue of Teen Vogue!

A big thank you to our friend Chris Pecaro for helping us out with all the screen printing.

You can show your support for Coco and special-order a ‘Team Coco’ shirt or sweatshirt by contacting us. And don’t forget to catch the premiere of The Face only on Oxygen on February 12th!

Stay Gnarly,
Izzy & Shriya


What’s black and white and gnarly all over? You will be when you’re wearing this vest! Inspired by the song ‘Armed’ by SKATERS, this piece is deconstructed from a men’s large denim jacket, painted to perfection in black and white, and finished with our signature pattern of repeating Xs. And the back? It’s painted with our slogan, Gnarly Never Dies. Everything that you see here is handmade, one-of-a-kind, and certainly nothing that you have seen before. But our favorite part? Anyone can wear it. It doesn’t matter if you’re a girl just looking to bring an androgynous touch to your favorite outfit, or if you’re a boy who wants everyone else to see how gnarly you are.

Dimensions: Chest – 38″, Length – 23″. Fits Medium/Large.

Materials: Denim, paint.

Product Care: Dry clean only.